18 January 2018
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Tax Benefits

TaxNigeria as a country and indeed all socially responsible and law abiding individuals, groups, organizations and corporate citizens will derive valuable benefits from imbibing a culture of tax compliance. The benefits derivable include but are not limited to:

  • Providing sustainable finance and funding for governance, public and social services and economic development.
  • Promoting civic responsibility, patriotism by citizens and social responsibility by corporate citizens.
  • Stimulating priority social and economic activities and sectors while discouraging less preferred ones.
  • Bringing about the redistribution of wealth and bridging sharp disparities in living standards.
  • Giving taxpayers the moral and legal right to demand for (thereby engendering) a culture of accountability.
  • Serving as a gauge for measuring the level, growth and health of economic units and economic activities.
  • Individuals and corporate organizations are conferred with definite benefits, rights and privileges in the system based on their tax compliance status.
  • Tax compliance enables law abiding citizens to avoid the consequences, penalties and sanctions of non-compliance.

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Tax Benefits

Tax Benefits

Nigeria as a country and indeed all socially responsible and...

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