18 January 2018
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Coperate Services


  • Real Estate Investment

We know your real estate investments are important to you, and are integral in your business operations and your financial targets. Our tax experience will enhance your team of professional advisors.

We understand real estate, are passionate about it, and serve those either starting their real estate ventures or well established in the market.

  • Small Business

Every growing business needs tax and accounting advice. We are here to give you that solid, experienced advice about starting a business, growing your business, or selling your business.

We provide services at every tax level of the Nigerian corporation, and we integrate your corporate tax with personal tax so you are aligned for growth.

Our firm also deals with partnerships, joint ventures and proprietorships because we know there are many structures available to you.

  • Agricultural

This is Nigeria, and we know that agriculture is a major industry and always will be. From the family farm to corporate groups, farming and ranching needs tailored experienced advice.

Our professionals are not just knowledgeable about farm programs, cash basis reporting and farm specific issues, but they've grown up on farms, lived and worked in farming communities across Nigeria.

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Our firm is completely client-oriented. We exist to aid you in decision making, help you navigate the tax and finance landscape, and bring to the forefront your risks and opportunities.

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